Android App Development Course

TIB academy is the best place for Android App Development Course. You can learn and become the master in Android environment setup and its architecture including user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, and multimedia APIs. You’ll gain practical exposure by building Android app development software in android studio , net beans . Here You will acquire the necessary skillsets and experience for professional Android application development by building application and how to launch application in google play store. Our methodology emphasizes on delivering industry-standard-mobility training enabling the students to learn to develop their mobility apps from the beginning.
Android has become trending nowadays and ruling around 90% of the mobile market. Each and every version of Android has evolved with new trends and innovations to fulfil the user requirements. Its time efficiency and low cost factors allow the developers to create the user friendly, easy to use and secured real-time applications. Due to these characteristics, spotlights showed on Android and its user’s counts gradually grew day by day. Android has already beaten other technologies and conquered a unique place in current IT environment. Android is a booming technology which allows the developers to implement innovations and new ideas for the user’s convenience. In our Android course, you will be exposed to learn about the concepts such as Android application architecture, components, layouts, views & widgets, menus & messages, intent & intent filters, services, SQLite and lot more. Below mentioned is our detailed syllabus. Utilize this wonderful chance to learn Android application development from the best Android training institute in Bangalore. Be a specialized Android developer by gaining the complete logical, syntactical and coding knowledge from the experienced industrial experts.

Key Learning in Android Training Course

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What You Will Learn From This Android App Dvelopment Course ?

  •    Install and use Android Studio.
  •    Run apps from Android Studio on both a device and an emulator.
  •    Create and use activities in Android.
  •    Use views to create your app's user interface.
  •    Enable user interaction through click handlers.
  •    Create layouts using the Android Studio layout editor.
  •     Create and use RecyclerViews.
  •    Run tasks in the background.
  •    Save data in Android shared preferences.

Objectives for Mobile application development course

At the end of this Android App Development course you will be:

  •       Confidence in Build and deploy own Mobile phone application in goolge play store console .
  •      Good Knowledge in JAVA Sockets, JAVA , XML and JSON
  •      Get a better understanding of the UI Development - components, layouts, event handling, and screen orientation

Who is Course Designed For ?

Our Android App Development training is designed for:

  •      Freshers/ Developers who have experience in OOPS but no java experience
  •      For programmers who want to develop a career in Android

Prerequisites for Android Development

Here’s what you need to know to enrol in our Java for Beginners course:

  •      A basic knowledge in Java Object oriented concepts.
  •      Prior experience in any programming language.


Why should you take Android course ?

  •  The mobile app industry is growing regarding the huge and growing user base, symbolize the influence of this system.
  •  Android being an open source platform, It can be collected free to develop an app and expand its prototype.
  •  Android platform offers developers chance for developmental research in partnership with other platforms.Android is highly flexible to go after many developmental capabilities.
  • 1000 + satisfied learners.
  • Duration : 35- 50 Hrs
  • Lab Sessions : 20
  • Certification Pass : Guaranteed
  • Learners : 1510

If any of these above questions is hitting your mind, Don't worry...We are here to help you with Android course. From the day 1 until the course completion, TIB management and our well qualified Android tutors will provide you the unique, supportive and convenient learning environment. So, you can make use of this golden opportunity to learn a technology from the scratch until advanced programming.

Android Training Details
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 30 Hrs 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 1hr/day 2 Hours a day 6 Hours a day
Training Mode Online / Classroom Online / Classroom Online / Classroom

Android App Development Tutorial Beginners Pdf

Android Training

Android Introduction

  • Android – What it is?
  • History of Android
  • Importance of Java language for Android Apps
  • Android Versions & different development tools

Java Fundamentals

  • OOPS basics
  • Classes & Objects
  • Components of a Class
  • Structure of a Class & Java File
  • Inheritance & Interfaces
  • Abstract Class
  • Polymorphism
  • Overloading & Overriding

Android Architecture

  • Generated Folder
  • Assets folder
  • Resources folder
  • Android Manifest XML

Android Application Components

  • Activities & Fragments
  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Activity – How to create your activity

Android Layouts

  • Layout XML files
  • Absolute Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Frame Layout
  • Tab Layout
  • Table Layout
  • List Layout (List View)

Android Views & Widgets

  • Button View
  • EditText View
  • TextView View
  • Image View
  • Spinner

Menus & Messages

  • Adding option menus
  • Adding popup menus
  • Showing dialogs
  • Raising toasts

Intent & Intent Filters

  • Intents – How and When to use them
  • Intent Objects – Action, Data & Category
  • Intent Filters – Matching Rules / Tests
  • Explicit Intent & Implicit Intent


  • Overview of the Criteria API
  • Working Querying with the Criteria API
  • Query by Example

Broadcast Receivers

  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Listening for specified broadcasts
  • System broadcasts
  • Custom & User defined broadcasts
  • Sticky Broadcasts
  • Pending Intents


  • Introducing SQLite
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors
  • Inserts, updates, and deletes

External Database Communication

  • Introduction to JSON file formats
  • Using Web Services to connect to remote DB
  • Significance of AsyncTask class
  • Use JSON for data communication to Web Services
  • Fetching data from JSON & loading into Activities